DSC01631Powder coating is used on a variety of substrates to give decorative and hard wearing protective finishes. The process is to apply powder onto prepared substrate which is then passed through a temperature sensitive oven. This ensures that the powder melts, producing a uniform smooth coating over the substrate surface. Suitable for various substrates including aluminium, mild and galvanised steels.

Colours may be selected from standard RAL and BS colour charts. Colours are available in Epoxy, Polyester or Epoxy-Polyester Ranges. Plain, textured, metallic, rippled and hammered surface finishes can be applied. Special finishes such as anti-bacterial and microbial are also available.


Powder spray finishes are typically applied to products for use in shop and office fitting, industrial applications and in the electronics industry. Examples include:

  • Gates and fencing
  • Shelving and racking
  • Doors
  • Cabinets
  • Metal casings & components
  • Decorative ironwork

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